Adam Goldenberg Is Just The Right Guy For JustFab

Adam Goldenberg is a true success story in today’s world and he is breaking down walls day after day. One of the truly inspiring things about him is that Goldenberg started his own business at the age of 15 in Gamers Alliance. Not many people have the business savvy or the talent to do such a thing at that age. However, some people are born with truly special talent and they want to put it to use as soon as possible. In the case of Adam Goldenberg, he was ready to get started and did not want to wait another second. That is a great work ethic to have at that age.

Of course Goldenberg is talented, but as many people know, talent can only get someone so far in the business world. They also have to work really, really hard. When someone combines talent and hard work together at that age, truly magical things can happen. It shows that the impossible can become the possible. Now, he is tackling the world of fashion. That is the thing about Adam Goldenberg: He is always looking for a new challenge to take on and a new thing to attack. He loves the thrill of being able to do something that might be outside his comfort zone on Brandettes. That is exactly what JustFab is, a monthly subscription service that gives women handbags, accessories, and shoes for only $39.95 a month.

This is a business that he has started up with his business partner, Don Ressler, someone Goldenberg met on one of his past jobs. They work very well together and they are always brainstorming ways to make the company even bigger and better. They are never satisfied and they know there is always room for improvement with it. However, if someone were to ask the customers, they would say they are very satisfied with it and over the moon with the results it has produced for them. Source:

It has truly transformed their life and made them feel great about themselves and the way they look. The two of them have gone on record and said this is more about just sending out items every month. It is about finding out the individual woman and what suits their needs and what suits their style. It is also a community where everyone can come together and work as one and help each other when it comes to fashion.

Full Cycle Energy Appoints Sam Tabar As Head Of Finances


Sam Tabar is a well-known financial guru that is working out of New York City, he is also a lawyer. Not too long ago he was making headlines with his new position at Full Cycle Energy, filling in as the company’s Chief Operating Officer. Sam has been in several similar positions in his past throughout his career, detailed on CrunchBase, and it is expected that he will be able to do great things for the company. Sam has expressed that he is delighted that he was chosen to be able to work with the company because he thinks what they are doing there is great and he is happy to contribute in any way that he can. He believes they will be able to provide a better future for people all around the world.


It is due to the kind of work the company is doing that Sam Tabar is happy to work their regardless of whether or not he was in an executive position. Today, Full Cycle Energy is dedicated to finding new ways of developing natural fuel sources by using the waste produced by humans every day. They hope to be able to create a sustainable resource that will enable people and countries to become self-reliant without needing to continue to produce harmful emissions all over the globe. It was because of the positive research the company was doing that Sam heard about the company in the first place, before he ever got appointed with them.


Sam Tabar will be responsible for handling the funds for the entirety of the company as the COO. He will be tasked with making the important decisions for marketing, investing, and the company’s portfolio, which Sam has more than enough experience to handle with his talents. Sam was happy to have been chosen for the position, as he was aware of the company for some time with an interest in the work they were trying to do. It was a dream come true for him to be able to work with a company that has a strong vision and dedication to doing something so important to the world as a whole. Sam Victor Tabar is happy to be able to use his expertise to help the company, as he believes the financial aspects are very important for making sure the company is able to fund their projects and meet their financial needs for all parts of the company.

Securus Provides Free Calls

Over the last several week the southern United States has been facing a lot of several flooding due to the system of storms that have pummeled the area. As a result, many families have suffered some serious financial losses and others have virtually lost everything they had. What many people don’t realize is that for families that have a family member that is in prison or Juvenile Detention, they can’t afford to talk to their loved ones because of the cost of prison calls. In response to this problem, Securus Technologies has made the decision to allow phone calls in flooded areas for free for a limited time (until September 7th). Each inmate will be allowed to make one free phone call each day to their loved ones to check in on them. The company knows that in times like this it is important that families are able to stay in touch with one another. Aside from the obvious value that these free phone calls will provide to the inmates and their families, Securus is guessing that they will be donating a total of a few hundred thousand dollars’ worth of free communications.


Securus Technologies has been in the news a great deal recently, not just for their generous donation of free phone calls for those that have been hit the hardest by the flooding, but also for all of their services which are accredited by the well-respected Better Business Bureau. The article that was published by PRN Newswire’s website said that Securus serves more than 3,400 various facilities across the country at this time. According to the article “Securus Technologies is committed to serve and connect by providing emergency response, incident management, public information, investigation, biometric analysis, communication, information management, inmate self-service, and monitoring products and services in order to make our world a safer place to live.”


Venezuelan Assemblyman José Manuel González Thinks His Country Is Facing The Worst Humanitarian Crisis In Its History

The International Monetary Fund released a report that shows the inflation rate in Venezuela has passed the 700 percent mark, and it is moving toward 1,000 percent by the end of next month. The economy is expected to shrink by at least 10 percent by the end of 2016, and that will be the biggest contraction in the last 13 years. There are reports that house pets are dying along with their owners because there is not enough food. The food that is available is too expensive for 75 percent of the population, according to the deputy of the National Assembly, José Manuel González.

González represents the state of Guárico. Guárico is an agricultural state and González predicted that there would be a food shortage because of the government policies of President Nicolas Maduro. For the last two years, González has been trying to get the National Assembly to agree on a national agreement to get the farmers back to work again. And he also has tried to get companies to produce necessary supplies, but those companies were closed by the regulations that Maduro put in place.

Venezuelans are living day-by-day, according to González. The crime rate is at an all-time high, there are daily electricity blackouts, and there is a shortage of medicine. Two years ago, oil was trading at $102 a barrel, but Venezuela was having economic issues back then as well. The economic issues stem from the free-spending policies of Hugo Chavez and the senseless attempt by Maduro to keep those policies intact. Maduro refuses to change even though the country is dangling off the cliff of a humanitarian crisis because of them.

The problems in Venezuela continue to get worse, and José Manuel González believes the only way to solve them is to remove Maduro from office. There is a petition circulating in all the cities to achieve that goal. There will also be a countrywide rally in September to confirm the people’s wishes to remove Maduro and his insane economic policies.

IAP Worldwide; providing governments and businesses with solutions

IAP Worldwide Services is based in the United States and offers various solutions to both private sector businesses and government entities for their energy, technology and infrastructural needs. For around a half century, this company has offered several ways that have helped government entities and businesses establish infrastructure and technology and also improve their services on a regular basis. The company offers power solutions, expeditionary infrastructure and information technology and communication solutions. Through IAP Worldwide most companies around the world have managed to benefit more from their infrastructure and technology projects.

An overview of the services that IAP Worldwide offers
– Information technology and communication services
This is the first type of service the company offers to its clients. There are several organizations which establish and maintain systems relating to both computing and communication. IAP helps them establish efficient technology systems and procedures. In the end, they can enjoy benefits related to information technology. These benefits include databases management, networks management and repair of technology systems when the need arises.

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IAP Worldwide Services also assists government entities and companies in establishing communication systems which include email and telecommunications. With this communication systems contacting other companies and people from different locations becomes easier.

– Provides power solutions
In addition to offering information technology and communication services to their clients, IAP Worldwide also offers power solutions. With the service, they can help companies and government entities build power plants which provide electricity at the end. And apart from constructing new power plants, the company also designs and maintains the structures to ensure that the clients have dependable sources of energy to meet their needs. The company also builds the structures in remote areas which are very far from civilization.

– Expeditionary infrastructure services
This is another type of service that IAP Worldwide Services offers to their clients. The service enables clients to establish new infrastructures and to repair the existing ones. In other words, the company helps in designing power plants, roads and helps government and business organizations establish exactly what they require to build foundations in particular areas. The company helps with disaster relief in case there are damages to the facilities and structures.

With expeditionary infrastructure services, IAP Worldwide can help clients establish facilities and systems in the remote areas and those far from civilization. Therefore, the service is the most important. It assists both government and business organizations in setting up and completing projects in any part of the world.

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I Created A Singular College Fund At Laidlaw & Company

I was planning on creating some kind of college fund because I wanted to have cash ready for myself if I ever needed it. The cash that I wanted to raise was for a college education that our kids would not need for a long time, and we never knew if we would need it anyways. That means that we would be able to get help from the college if we needed it, or we would be able to use the funds for other things if that was what our kids needed thanks to Laidlaw. I asked Matthew Eitner and James Ahern if that was something that we could do, and I was not sure if it would actually work.

I was told to speak to one of their brokers who had kids in college, and I got a really long rundown on how I would do this. The broker was very clear about how these things work, and he made sure that I was going to have money left over if I did not use the whole fund. We knew that we might have extra money, and we might end up saving for more kids than we actually had. We just started a plan that works for three kids, and we can adjust if we want to.

I feel really good about how this works because I can see that the fund is growing, but I can also start planning to see how many kids we actually want to have. Having so many kids could be something we do not want to do, and we can change the fund if we want to. I have been happy with Laidlaw & Company because they have shown me that I have total flexibility. They have changed my life, and we will be ready for college if it comes to that.

The Midas Legacy Has Your Best Interests In Mind

Everybody wants their life to be more fulfilling and rich. Life is truly a gift and every day is meant to be special. When there are companies like The Midas Legacy out there, happiness is not hard to find and keep. They make it their personal mission to make sure that each and every customer that is with them is as happy as they can be and getting the most out of the experience. They have a team that has been around the block and they have been there, done that. The Midas Legacy are a consultancy firm that is located in Winter Garden, Florida and they provide help to all different types of people in various avenues.

One of their main goals is making sure the customer has the type of success that they want and the type of success that suits their lifestyle. Whether they are someone that has started their own business, worked for a business, or been involved in business, everyone has a different definition of success. There is no right or wrong answer. It is about what is right for the customer and what is going to make them the happiest. Everyone has different types of happiness and different methods. Whatever that is, if they know it, that is great. If they don’t know it, they will help them find it.

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They offer advice and the type of advice they offer is based on experience and knowledge. The Midas Legacy are not just giving out advice for the sake of giving out advice. That is not how they operate. They stand behind their advice and what they have to say. They sit down with the person and they know the right questions to ask. By asking the right questions, they get the right answers and it makes life easier for both them and for the customer.

Communication is key with them, as is the happiness and joy of the customer. A lot of people have worked very hard for a long time. They have done it to provide for their families and their end goal is to be able to retire and live the life they have always had in mind. They might have missed out on a lot of important events, but they don’t need to anymore, as they can be there for everything and never miss anything important to them ever again and that is all thanks to the Midas Legacy.

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Avi Weisfogel: Dentist, Family Man, Advocate

Education and career
Graduate at New York University college of dentistry Dr. Weisfogel DDS has twenty years of experience in the field of dental health. He specializes in difficult cases. With half of his patients being referrals from other dentists, it’s evident that he has the knowledge and experience to get the job done! Not only has he had a copious amount of experience and training, he knows that there is always more that he can learn. Dr. Avi Weisfogel refuses to become stagnant in his dental profession. He is steadfast in his education, taking 200 hundred hours of continuing education every year to ensure that his skills remain fine-tuned. He is always willing to learn a more efficient technique to performing a patient’s procedure.
His skills are not limited to that of his dental practice. As the owner of Dental Sleep Masters (a New Jersey based firm, connecting dentists with patients suffering from sleep apnea) he helps treat individuals who suffer from health conditions which may correlate to their sleeping disorder.
Sleeping conditions involving repeatedly halted breathing during sleep caused by the relaxation of the muscles in the throat can be treated by a custom-fit oral appliance which resembles a mouth guard can be inserted to open upper airways.
Charitable Endeavors
Avi Weisfogel is a hard working family man who seeks to improve the lives of others through his involvement with an organization called Operation Smile, which specializes in corrective surgery of oral and facial deformities such as cleft lip and cleft palates. His belief that every child deserves quality dental health care is what attracts him to this cause. What started out in the 1980’s as a missions’ assignment in the Philippines has branched out to perform 200,000 procedures in over 100 countries. With medical staff, equipment and supplies in tow, this organization is doing great things. Dr. Weisfogel fully supports and encourages individuals to also see the value in this wonderful organization. He has set a “go fund me” account in the effort of raising financial support for the organization’s efforts. With the help of contributors, this organization will continue to improve the lives of others for many years to come.
Dr. Avi Weisfogel is active in the online community. You can find his online biography on YouTube or follow him on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter.

How Does Online Reputation Management Function?

Online reputation management functions just like public relations, but it works all online through companies like Status Labs. Their company is set up to help people when their online reputation takes a big hit, and they will handle all the things that happen to the client no matter what they are. Status Labs is there to be sure that the client can respond to the problem and come up with something that will make them look better.

The usual response to an online reputation crisis is going to be that people have to wait for it to blow over, but Status Labs makes sure that the client looks better from the first step that is taken in the process. They want to say things about the client that are positive, and they want to help the client feel like they have a better chance of being understood.

Status Labs also wants to make sure that they are releasing good content for their clients that helps them get their reputation back. The reputation of the client is contingent on what people read about them online, and that is why Status Labs is a good company to hire because they know how to make the client look good no matter what the circumstances are.

The crisis that a client finds themselves in needs to be handled by a professional who does this every day. The client is going to be able to get help in the form of content and releases that make them more understandable to the public. They want to be sure that they have real resources that help them, and they will get them if they are working with Status Labs. Based in Austin, TX, Status Labs will create a lot of good content, and they will release it to help the client look great again.

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The Profession and Entrepreneurial Capabilities of Danilo Diaz Granados

Danilo Diaz-Granados is an individual of many skills, although in some occasions his talents soar in various directions, and for that reason keeping up with him becomes a difficult task. Danilo Diaz Granados is a capitalist, promoter and a business manager for individuals working succeed in the industry of entertainment. On top of that, he had several retail outlets offering him a handhold in the field of sales and marketing as well.

Danilo Diaz-Granados has always proved that he is a man with deep-rooted business spirit and entrepreneurial expertise. His vast knowledge in business can be traced from his academic experience. Danilo Diaz Granados attended the Babson College in Massachusetts. The college is well-known for high-quality education, particularly on matters that relate to entrepreneurship. He is a holder of a bachelor’s degree in economics and entrepreneurship, which he acquired after studying for three years.

Early on, as listed on his Facebook Danilo Diaz Granados worked as an Account Advisor in a private equity investment entity that is based in Miami. His principal duties were to do some research on international investment to bring back relationship in energy effectiveness, new start-ups, hedge funds, real estate, fine arts and also merchandising industries. On top of that, he analyzed demographic, social and creative qualities concerning investment prospects.

Fireman Capital Partners

Danilo Diaz-Granados is an associate partner at Fireman Capital Partners, a company that is based in Boston. Fireman Capital is a firm that focuses in dealing with other organizations in the user sector. Some of the top areas of specialization for Fireman Capital include;
• Active sports and footwear
• Toiletries
• Apparel
• Stationary
• Food and beverages
• Cosmetics

Entrepreneurial ventures

As an individual with entrepreneurial expertise, Danilo Diaz-Granados has invested into numerous businesses in Miami, such as Toys for Boys Boutique.  The high-end store showcases a broad range of luxurious commodities ranging from exceptional automobiles, contemporary art, fine wristwatches and jewelry among other things. The boutique attracts wealthy clients from different parts and those located in Miami.