Shaping the Leadership in regards to the Police Force at San Francisco

George Gascon since his appointment as the District Attorney of San Francisco has been involved in various verbal arguments. It is clear that he is facing a lot of resistance from the police force officials and other law enforcers. He had served as the chief at the Police Officer Association, and he was then promoted to be the DA. He has ensured to bring change to the society by being involved in various activities that will promote coexistence in the society.
The former chief POA is on the mission of proving that the DA is not the right individual to uproot any misdoings at the service. The police department has historical injustices that should be cleaned so that the DA can start handling such cases. It is due to reforms that have been put forward that has created a lot of tension among the rest of the staff. More and more police officers are getting themselves at loggerheads with the authority in regards to their misconducts.
Police officers should always be active in promoting the justice and peaceful coexistence among the fellow members and also the community in which they serve. Gascon has recently been involved in the streamlining of the sector. Being a chief at one time in the force, he is equipped with the right knowledge and experience that will uproot all the unnecessary activities at the force.
George Gascon as the DA is firm in stating that racial activities, gender imbalance, sexual orientation and biases are vibrant of the force. The systems should improve, and Gascon is ready to bring into justice any officer who is not willing and willing to corporate or work according to the laid down rules that govern the police force. Professionalism and discipline should be one of the key factors that are used to determine how a given force is run.
In the recent disagreement, he was holding a press conference that was aimed at bringing into light misconducts of felony and misdemeanor charges of three former and a current deputy in San Francisco Police Department. Truth and maintaining of order must be the priorities to the police.


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