Obama Re-Election An Economic Tragedy for Black Americans; 14.3%Black Unemployment and 40.5% Black Youth Unemployment Will Continue to Rise


While stuck in Ohio on a business trip following Hurricane Sandy, I wandered into an Obama campaign outpost in Shaker Heights on the Sunday evening preceding the election.  The campaign office, located in quaint, idyllic Shaker Square, was populated primarily with young white campaign volunteers (many of whom, I later learned, were Occupy Wall Streeters).  Their primary task that evening seemed to be to assist  a handful of mostly elderly blacks cast early votes.

When a twenty-something white girl noticed that I was meandering around the office, rather than filling out paperwork or loudly extolling the glory of  Obama in the manner of every other black person there, she came over and asked if I needed help.  I told her I didn’t, and continued to peruse the desks littered with standard Obama flyers about moving “Forward.”

On one wall was a chart listing drivers’ names and pickup-locations for taking voters to the polls.  Since Shaker Heights is a relatively affluent community where most residents have their own cars, I noted that a number of the pick-up locations were in heavily black, heavily impoverished East Cleveland.

“What do you think of the new unemployment numbers,” I asked the young woman who had previously offered assistance.  “Oh, I think they’re about the same as before, around 7.9%,” she answered with a smile.”  I looked her straight in the eye and said, “Not for black Americans.  Black Unemployment has risen to 14.3% in the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics Report.

The young woman stared at me with a confused look on her face, then said, “Really?  I didn’t know that.”

“But you’re working here, trying to get blacks to go out and vote for Obama, yet you don’t even know about the high black unemployment rate under his administration?”  She was silent, so I continued.

I pointed to a “We’ve Got Your Back” poster on the wall, and asked,  “Do you realize that Obama has never once mentioned the staggering rate of black unemployment, yet you expect blacks to have his back.  Why?”

The young woman then said something that I found curious.  She said, “Well, black unemployment, uh, I guess there are some people who are taking about that, but…..”  Her voice trailed off, so I finished the sentence for her. “But you’re not one of them, right.?”  She smiled prettily, and said, “Right.”

This brief encounter represented clearly the role of blacks in the democratic party, and their designated place in this historic election.  How many blacks who dutifully trudged to the polls have a clue that black unemployment has risen dramatically under Obama? (12.6% on the day he was inaugurated.)

In the days leading up to the election, each time a black person told me how worried they were that Obama would lose, I would ask if they knew what the black unemployment rate was and if they were happy with it?  The puzzled looks that I got in return weren’t based on an inability to answer the question.  Instead, their surprise was a result of  my having merely asked the question.  It wasn’t supposed to happen.  No black person is allowed to ask any questions about life under an Obama administration.  Our role is simply to grin like brainless ninnies and “have his back.”

But why wasn’t Barack Obama required to have black voters’ backs in return?  Why was he able to sail to re-election on black votes when black youth are mired in a 40.5% unemployment cesspool?  FORTY PERCENT!!  This is not a recession.  If blacks are in a recession (which they clearly are), then black youth are, by every definition of the word , living through a  DEPRESSION of epic proportions.  Yet not a single black elected official has ever demanded that Obama address this issue in the manner that he has addressed gay issues, or white women’s issues, or Hispanic issues — all groups that he openly courted, while ignoring blacks.

Why is he allowed to ignore the crushing economic plight of black America, not even attending an NAACP convention or visiting an unemployment office in a black neighborhood?  When he repeatedly says we are moving in the “right direction,” or when Michelle Obama claims we have averted a recession, why doesn’t a single prominent black leader respond by asking, “But what about black Americans?”

The answer is simple — because African-Americans allow him to ignore them.  It is now frighteningly clear that there is no level of substandard life that blacks will not accept.  If they will accept 14.3% unemployment, then surely they will accept 20%, or 30%.  And they will remain equally silent if black youth unemployment rises to 60% or 75%, or even 100%!

Imagine the carnage in the streets if  an already listless young, black, male population finds themselves with even more time on their hands? How many more drug sales,  how many more robberies, how many more shootings will result? And how many more black babies will be caught in the crossfire?

But, not to worry.  Obama has never been moved to discuss the past murders of children caught in the hails of bullets, so there is no reason to believe he will do so in the future.  Luckily for him, he has a loyal, mindless, unthinking black voter base that had his back, even though he has never had theirs.

Barack Obama Doesn’t Care About Black People

Shortly after the 2005 Hurricane Katrina disaster, monosyllabic rapper Kanye West stated that then-president George Bush didn’t “care about black people”. In so doing, West became the darling of the left, who were all too happy to attribute any perceived relief-effort inaction by Bush to his supposed “dislike” of blacks.  If inaction equals a lack of caring, then how are we to interpret Barack Obama’s treatment of blacks during the entirety of his first term?

On July 31, 2012, Obama made yet another fundraising trip to New York in his never-ending quest to line his campaign coffers.  Oh, there have been a few diversions along the way, such as his recent visit to Colorado for photo ops with the lily-white survivors of the Batman movie massacre.  But no such diversions or shows of sympathy have crept into Obama’s busy, money-making schedule when it comes to the escalating slaughter of black children across our nation.

After meeting with the white Colorado survivors, an opportunely-religious Obama was even moved to quote scripture:

“Scripture says that ‘He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more. Neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.’ And when you have an opportunity to visit with families who have lost their loved ones — as I described to them, I come to them not so much as president as I do as a father and as a husband…., but that my main task was to serve as a representative of the entire country and let them know that we are thinking about them at this moment and will continue to think about them each and every day, and that the awareness that not only all of America but much of the world is thinking about them might serve as some comfort” (Transcript of Obama Remarks After Hospital Visit).

How stirring!  Obama seeks to give comfort and support as a “father” figure when the victims are white, yet he’s curiously silent when the victims are black.

On August 1, 2012, one day after Obama’s money-grubbing New York visit, four-year-old Lloyd Christopher Morgan, Jr. — an innocent child caught in the crossfire at a Bronx basketball game — was eulogized at Harlem’s Mt. Neboh Baptist Church. The sight of his small, white coffin was heart-wrenching, and Rev. Al Sharpton offered an eloquent, tear-jerking eulogy. But although many politicians – including nearly all of NY’s mayoral aspirants — were present at the services, America’s first black president was not.

Obama was obviously far too busy to attend little Lloyd’s funeral.  According to his official August 1 schedule released by the White House, he had a hectic day that included an 11:40 am campaign stop in Mansfield, Ohio; a 3:35 pm campaign stop in Akron, Ohio, and… well… nothing else.  He was scheduled to arrive back at the White House at 6:30 pm. Whew! What a grueling day.

Some might ask why he didn’t attend the murdered child’s funeral after shilling for votes in Ohio – the funeral service began at 7:00pm and lasted past 9:00 pm – but we can’t expect Obama to inconvenience himself in that manner.  After all, it wasn’t as if there were any campaign dollars to be collected at Mt. Neboh Church, so why delay his dinner schedule at the White House just to see an innocent black baby laid to rest?  And I’m sure it never crossed Obama’s mind to actually speak at the baby’s funeral in the hope of changing the mind of even one savage gang member; if Obama himself is not directly benefitted, then why bother to act?

Of course, Obama could have paid a visit to little Lloyd’s grieving parents, Shianne Marie Norman and Lloyd Christopher Morgan, Sr., the night before the funeral (he was, after all, mere minutes away, lining his pockets to the tune of $2.4 million dollars from New York’s elite).  But apparently he does not feel the need to quote scripture or play the “father” figure when the victims of gun violence are black.

And nowhere do those black victims abound in greater numbers than in Obama’s hometown of Chicago.  According to a recent CBS Evening news report, during the first six months of 2012, there were 275 murders in Chicago — an astonishing (and sickening) amount of bloodshed in only one city.   But no sympathy or “fatherly” support has been forthcoming from Barack Obama for Chicago’s black victims.  Not one visit to console the parents of even the littlest among them, like seven-year-old Heaven Sutton who was killed trying to dodge gang gunfire that erupted while she was selling snow cones.

Obama’s silence on the wholesale slaughter of black children by black men is both disgusting and inexplicable.  After all, he is slavishly devoted to gay issues, gives lip service to Jewish issues, did cartwheels to show support for Sandra Fluck (and, by extension, other white women) on the issue of free  birth control and is vocal on Hispanic immigration issues. Yet he stands mute on what should be the most important issue of the day – the daily shootings and murders  of innocent children.  This should never be tolerated in America.  That it is not only tolerated but tacitly accepted — or at the very least ignored — by a president whose children “look like” these young victims is a national disgrace.

Here at CBN we have repeatedly highlighted the 2010 Centers for Disease Control report on the  leading cause of death for black male children ages 12 to 19.  That cause is HOMICIDE!   Obama has failed to address this statistic, just as he has failed to address staggering black unemployment.

After the release of the June Jobs report showing the creation of only 80,000 new jobs, Obama inexplicably stated that the jobs picture was a “step in the right direction.”  REALLY?!  That same report showed black unemployment at 14.4 percent and black teen unemployment at 44 percent. 44 percent!!!  Black unemployment was 12.6 percent when Obama took office (for black teens it was 36.5). So how are we to interpret his claim that a rise of nearly 10 percent unemployment among his most loyal constituency is a “step in the right direction?”

If the incessant murders of black children and staggering black unemployment are Obama’s idea of the “right direction,” then it is inarguable that he simply doesn’t care about black people.  So, the obvious question is: Why do they continue to blindly support him?