Bernie Sanders Receives Third Endorsement from a Black South Carolina Legislator

The Democratic primary race is becoming more and more interesting with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders having the closest percentage of the division of votes of any two presidential candidates in Iowa’s primary history. Many, however, are looking ahead and wondering if Bernie Sanders can do as well in southern states like South Carolina where there are a high percentage of black voters. Read the full story, Jon Urbana Launches Charity Drive for ARAS, to understand exactly why.

These voters are thought to support Hillary Clinton, with her very positive and well-known record of supporting civil rights and minority rights. Yet Bernie Sanders is showing more and more that he also has support of black legislators that will help him appeal to South Carolina voters. He just received his third endorsement from a black state representative in the last two weeks from Rep. Joe Neal who is a Richland County Democrat.

Rep. Joe Neal endorsed Bernie Sanders for president during a press conference at the State House. Sanders previously also received endorsements from Rep. Justin Bamberg (D-Barnwell) and Wendell Gilliard (D-Charleston). Rep. Justin Bamberg had previously endorsed Hillary Clinton, but then rescinded and gave his endorsement to Bernie Sanders instead. Hillary Clinton, however, has already been endorsed by several prominent black political leaders in South Carolina including Rep. Chandra Dillard and Sen. Karl Allen. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton will continue to work hard to get the support of South Carolina and from the large population of black voters there.

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Why White Shark Media Is The Right Choice For Your Marketing Campaigns

Are you looking for a reliable advertising or marketing expert? Wondering what makes White Shark Media a clear choice for any business who wants to achieve success with their marketing or advertising campaigns? Running a successful promotional campaign takes a great deal of expertise and dedication and that’s where White Shark Media comes in.

White Shark Media is a reputable PPC management agency that caters to businesses that advertise online using Bing Ads or Google AdWords. The company has offices in Atlanta, GA, Miami, FL, Denmark, Scandinavia and Nicaragua, Central America. White Shark Media is focused on delivering a reliable and efficient management service for businesses, particularly small and mid-sized businesses. With low setup fees, no contracts and no cancellation fees, White Shark Media works by following a principle that their client’s success should also lead to their success and not before.

White Shark Media has been in business since 2011, and the company was founded by three Danish entrepreneurs with great expertise and a lot experience in both online and offline marketing. Their goal was to conquer the evolving Search Marketing sector in the United States and Latin America by providing superior service. What made them so successful was the combination of a domestic and offshore presence with a dedicated and fully bilingual staff. Everything the company has learned over the years, they share with their valued clients. Their clients benefit from the company’s proven concepts rather than utilizing trial and error or starting from scratch themselves.

White Shark Media has been acknowledged a leading Digital Marketing Agency that provides online marketing solutions designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses. Their growth derived from their reputation of developing cost-effective advertising campaigns while delivering a delightful customer experience.

Their service has helped a large number of companies grow their businesses by using their powerful online marketing strategies and techniques. Another vital component of their formula for success is keeping track of all their clients’ marketing campaigns in great detail. Using keyword-level call tracking, competitive intelligence, Google Analytics integration and proprietary reporting software, White Shark Media ensures that they are fully accountable to all their clients every month.

It is highly recommended that you learn more about the amazing benefits of having White Shark Media handle all your advertising needs. Simply visit their website and you will certainly be pleased.


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Kyle Bass: Setting New Ethical Precedents in Business

Kyle Bass never ceases to attract attention in the business world. The leader of Hayman Capital Management, Bass is well known for his business savvy and ability to predict market rise and falls.

The newest project for Bass is the challenging of pharmaceutical patents that many deem to be unnecessarily driving up the costs of certain prescription drugs.

In a recent article by the New York Times, Bass is praised for the venture which would inevitably allow more generic brands of drugs on the market. The article discusses some of the work that Kyle Bass and colleague Erich Spangeberg have accomplished, including challenging a common drug used in as many as 80% of surgical procedures. The drug, known as Deprivan, is patented not because of the drug itself but because of a rubber stopper on the container used to administer the drug. Such patents, Bass believes, take advantage of the patent laws to keep drug prices high. The generic version of Deprivan, for instance, would be 90% cheaper if it were available.

Overall, Kyle Bass has won over many with his goal to lower pharmaceutical prices. In the process, however, he has also garnered some stiff criticism.

Another article which appeared on Useful Stooges spoke less approvingly of the venture. More importantly, the article disapproves of Bass’ plan to make money from the patent challenges by short selling stock in the drug company and then proceeding to make a profit from the patent challenges when the company’s stock goes down due to the challenge.

The Useful Stooges article also accuses Bass and his group, referred to as the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, of making money off of the sick and infirm. This claim is based on the idea that weaker patents will discourage new innovation and drug research. The article refers to the process of challenging pharmaceutical patents as the latest in a series of “ethical lapses.” The article also criticizes many personal aspects of Kyle Bass including what some have called an “unsavory connection” with Argentinian Christina Fernandez de Kirchner.

The one thing for sure about Kyle Bass is that he knows how to keep the business world interesting, and his Bloomberg interviews seem to suggest as much. It cannot be denied that his work through the Coalition for Affordable Drugs could have wide ramifications. On the one hand, the cost of drugs could stabilize or even go down. On the other hand, the results to pharmaceutical companies who are less able to protect their drugs could have negative results. As the situation plays put, it will show the business world an interesting ethical precedent regarding the roles of big pharmaceutical companies in the patent system. It is undeniably a great time to pay attention to Kyle Bass and the Coalition for Affordable drugs.

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What You Need to Know About The ESOP Advisory | Madison Street Capital video

This video, which was published on the 19th of October in 2015, discusses the ESOP services that Madison Street Capital offers now. The ESOP, also known as the Employee Stock Ownership Plan, is the plan that lets the employees have a part of the ownership of the firm and also allows them to be the beneficiaries to the stock that the firm has. There are many different types of benefits that come with the Employee Stock Ownership Plan services, some of those benefits include reductions for taxes, being able to get the some of the available loans for financing the plan and dedication to organizational success.

There are many different types of Employee Stock Ownership Plan services. Madison Street Capital has completed many different types of ESOP valuations, they have also been the number one advisors on all types of multiple ESOP transactions.To make an ESOP go into effect, a company’s stock cost is required to be analyzed and appraised, this can turn into a hardship for some companies that are privately held. However, the team at Madison Street Capital are experts that are able to give their opinions to their clients on their firm’s possible Employee Stock Ownership Plan.

Madison Street Capital

Providing quality service is the main goal of Madison Street Capital(founded in 2005) and they do wonderful at providing this to their clients. Madison Street Capital has helped many different types of clients. That is why they are able to know that everyone of their client’s needs are going to need different levels of attention and different types of solutions. Madison Street Capital was founded with the purpose of being a firm, which has to do with middle market investment banking, that is able to offer many different variations of services to do with finances, such as financial opinions for the companies that are middle-market companies, business valuations, corporate advisory and valuation for financial reporting.

Mergers and acquisitions advisory services are one of the services that Madison Street Capital excels in. These types of services are able to give clients a good look at the kind of business that Madison Street Capital is, trusting, knowledgeable and caring. It would be very hard to find a company that will be able to provide you with the type of financial advisory services that Madison Street Capital is able to provide you, they have many years of experience in these types of things and have become experts at all of the services that they offer. Having offices in Africa, Asia and North America, Madison Street Capital has quickly become the top services provider for advisory in things such as mergers and acquisitions and valuations.

Learn more by visiting their Youtube Channel.

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Charles Koch Imposes Business Solutions to Wichita Industries

Charles Koch was born on 1935 by Mary Robinson and Fred Koch. Mr. Koch resides in Wichita town as a business person. In his lifetime, Mr. Koch has encountered much success. He is also a skilled and a professional entrepreneur who has been in the business industry for more than thirty years.

Koch serves as the President and the Chief Executive Officer of Koch Industries. He succeeded the business venture from his father, Fred Koch. Charles Koch is also a father two children. Mr. Koch has successfully expanded the Koch Industries to the better. The Company was initially dealing with the refining of oils and chemicals.

Recently, the Koch Industries specializes in a broad range of products ranging from fertilizers production, industrial control of pollution, and ranching. Koch is also a talented author who wrote his first book in 2007.

Recently, Charles Koch made a release advising businessperson on the principle guidelines to follow so as to succeed in their venture. Koch disclosed that the principles had contributed to his current success in the business industry.

He has recently published another book that contains in it the general guidelines and tips to follow so as to succeed in your business. His new book, Good Profit, is mainly advertised in the social media platforms so as many people can benefit from it as much as possible.

In a Journal edition published every Friday, Mr. Koch disclosed the basic information found in his new book. He also offered discounts to the first group of people who would get his book. He said that the promotion of Good Profit book took much of his time including his managerial responsibilities.

Charles Koch implied that he was concerned about the developments and growth of Wichita town for all residents to benefit. Mr. Koch owns excellent leadership qualities. He manages more than 44.2 billion U.S Dollars in assets form.

Koch Industries is ranked as the second largest privately held Company in the States. He emphasized the need to understand the business philosophy and managerial techniques before establishing a business.

In the release, Koch implied that he gets happy when helping others achieve the best in their career. Koch depicted that his new book will make remarkable changes to those who will read it.

In conclusion, Mr. Koch ambitions and desire to help improve peoples’ living standards impresses many people. He serves as a mentor figure to junior entrepreneurs who are starting their career.

Here is a link to the original article:

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Madison Street Capital Offers Best Independent Financial Options

This YouTube video shows a animated version what Madison Street Capital offers to its clients. When attempting to secure capital, many things are taken into account. Madison Street Capital states very plainly that some business transactions require diligence based on a variety of factors. Trough the video, the viewer is also advised that fiduciary responsibilities by way of company structural changes should be taken seriously. And the administrator entrusted with such responsibilities often require assistance to ensure a smooth transaction. The video concludes with Madison Street Capital presenting itself as the best independent third-party option for small to mid-size companies.

Madison Street Capital is one of the largest and most successful financial advisory services in the Midwest. The company holds and excellent record in delivering financial options to both public and private entities. Madison Street has a team of professionals that analyzes the needs of the company and put forth a custom made plan to ensure success. The firm has built a solid reputation and has the trust of many corporations in both the U.S. and abroad. Madison Street’s hard work and total dedication to its clients is unparalleled and they maintain the most professional standards at all times.

Not only does Madison Street provides stellar service to its clients, it keeps the client in the loop on every decision. The company puts its reputation on the line with every transaction and will not offer a client any service it would not take on itself. Madison Street Capital has helped hundreds of corporations meet their goals in record time. The company’s expertise and independence goes a long way. It is also a main contributor as to why the company is so successful. Any company that has reached a crossroad and is in need of financial advice, Madison Street Capital is the best option.

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Beneful: The Ultimate for Dog’s Nutritional Needs and Tastes

It is thought by many that dogs are carnivores, but they are more like omnivores. They need a balanced diet, just like their ancestors- wolves. Sure, meat products does wonder for dogs, but they also need grains and vegetables for their overall health. With one of the most superior, if not the superior, dog food brands in the market, Beneful is aware of what all it takes for one’s dog to maintain a well balanced diet. Beneful goes way and beyond the details, in not only supplying well nutritional and wholesome foods for dogs, but they work extra hard in supplying great favor that dogs just go bunkers for.
Beneful has tons of selection of dog foods that are best for big and small dogs. They also have a great selection of dry and wet dog foods for anyone’s preference. They exceed the government standards including USDA and FDA standards. They perform different testing to ensure that no other product that shouldn’t be, is included in the dog food. Also, they take very seriously the safety and quality of their dog food. They even go as far as to make it very convenient for concerned customers to contact them any time of the day or night for any concerns, questions, and comments. And furthermore, they guarantee 100% satisfaction or else. As mentioned before, they have tons of selections for customers to choose from, rather it’s dry or wet dog food. Four examples from PurinaStore of their selections include the following: Dry Foods
1. Beneful Originals With Real Salmon: This is made with Omega rich, nutritional, and real salmon, and 100% of the nutrients in this dog food will help the dog maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat.
2. Beneful Healthy Puppy: Made with a calcium, rich formula that is greatly needed for growing puppies, this dog food also has DHA that supports healthy vision and brain development of the dog. Wet Foods
3. Beneful Chopped Blends, 3oz: This food consists of finely chopped, real ingredients that can be easily seen and easily broken apart with a fork.
4. Beneful Prepared Meals: This food item is made with wholesome grains and vegetables and big, meaty chunks that the dog will truly enjoy. There is also resealable tubs available for leftovers. This will ensure more freshness for the dog, instead of the dog food being left open in a can.
Beneful knows that dogs are part of the family, and that customers truly love their dogs. They also are very caring towards dogs and their customers as well, and millions of dogs and the dog owners’ are truly overjoyed and thrive on Beneful brands.

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The Banks In Brazil Are Executing More Loans In A Sagging Economy

President Luis da Silva was a very popular politician. He is credited with shaping the country’s middle-class and pushing the big banks to give them loans. When da Silva’s working Party stayed in office under President Dilma Rousseff in 2003, the banks were profitable thanks to government bonds, returns on equity and a conservative borrowing practice called consignment credit. In those days, Brazilians were borrowing money like it was free even though the interest rates were high, based on American standards. Under Rousseff leadership, private sector debt has increased by more than 70 percent of the economy. When da Silva was president private sector debt was 30 percent. The difference is consignment credit
One of the reasons for the increase in private sector debt, according to BMG Bank President, Ricardo Guimarães, is banks want to use consignment credit as a profit tool. Consignment credit is now a $R130 billion industry, and BMG Bank owns an 18 percent market share in that industry. That’s an accomplishment since there are more than 60 banks in the consignment credit market, and the four biggest banks, Banco do Brazil, Itaú, Caixa Econômica Federal, and Bradesco have a huge market share. Two of those banks are government owned banks, so they are not designed to produce profit, but who ever heard of a bank that didn’t want to make money? The big banks in Brazil all make money.
Consignment credit has made it easier for the working middle class to borrow money, and that is why the private sector debt has increased over the last twelve years. The interesting fact that Guimarães likes to point out is the market is only at a 50 percent saturation point. There are more than 40 million working middle class in Brazil, and less than 7 percent of them are unemployed.
That’s why Guimarães has merged BMG Bank with two other banks and made a partnership arrangement with a third bank. BMG Bank has more than 3,000 points of sale location throughout the country and more than 50,000 agents that can initiate payroll loans. Guimarães is making it easy for the middle class to borrow money and use their income as collateral.
Brazilians love new cars, and new homes and payroll loans give them the opportunity to purchase them now instead of waiting until they have the cash. The private sector debt in Brazil may sound high, but Mr. Guimarães says the private sector ratio in the United States is more than 200 percent, and even Germany has more private sector debt than Brazil. Brazilians are doing the best they can in these tough economic times and banks Like BMG Bank are helping them by offering lower-interest payroll loans.

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Beneful Dog Treats Are Great For Canine Health and Happiness

Dog treats are not just for a reward but also a great way to take care of special pet health needs. With Beneful dog treats, which meet the high standards of the industry, you can rest assured that your favorite canine will get proper food for their well-being. There are several choices of Beneful dog treats for specific purposes. The Healthy Smile Peanut Butter Dental Twists are formulated to reduce the plaque and tartar buildup which can happen so easily with our pets. The treats help support dental needs and aid in developing strong bones, and breath is freshened. With the addition of real parsley, this helps to support healthy, fresh smiles. Healthy Smile Dental Ridges are created for the support of healthy canine dental care, breath freshening, and to reduce plaque and tartar. These meaty treats are accented with real parsley for the utmost dental hygiene. Baked Delights Heartfuls treats on Target with apple flavored filling plus real bacon; Peanut Butter with cheese; Beef with cheese flavor; Bacon and cheese flavor; and Chicken and cheese flavor are designed for that simple yummy reward treat. These treats come with a guide about how much to give your canines. Whichever Beneful dog treats are selected, it is likely that a variety will be desirable for the various pet health and reward needs. Most Beneful dog treats on Walmart come in a variety of sizes. Quantity suggestions are included with each package to guide canine parents with administering the correct amounts. It is important to regard this as pet health can be compromised by over eating of treats, cutting into the need for other pet food nutrition. Age of your pets, their weight, activity levels, and any health concerns should always be considered before offering treats. Rest assured that Beneful dog treats are the ones you want for assurance of great health for your beloved companions.

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Kevin Seawright and NCEDC make a Great Combination for Economic Success in Newark

Newark, New Jersey has developed an exciting public agency and corporation for housing and development to assist the small businessperson and those from different ethnic backgrounds that may benefit all cities in America; Newark has developed a program that could easily be replicated for other cities to follow. The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation or the Newark CEDC is designed to be an economic catalyst that reflects throughout the state. It purpose is to offering education, direction, leadership, business loans and a solid structure for the small business to stand on in this changing world, and Newark CEDC has a relatively new Vice-President and CFO to guide the company.

New Leadership for NCDEC

In 2013, The Board of Newark CDEC brought in Kevin Seawright, and by doing so they found the financial leadership, which was needed to reach out more effectively into the community. Mr. Seawright previously was Chief Financial and Facilities Manager for one of the largest Departments of parks and Recreation in Maryland after serving both Maryland and Washington, DC as corporate non-profit operations manager for over ten years.

Mr. Seawright thrives in serving the public over his entire career, which has been the focus of his entire career. With extensive experience in public service and an educational background that was committed to financial success, Mr. Seawright was a choice candidate. His educational background began at Almeda University where he graduated with a Master’s Degree in Accounting. He was completely prepared for the position, but when he began at Newark CDEC, he attended Notre Dame University Mendez School of Business and acquired an Executive Leadership Certification.

Kevin Seawright is Dedicated to Bettering Newark

Recently, the city of Newark has been fueled by waves of immigration from Portugal, Spain, French and Italian heritages. This adds a rich cultural legacy for Newark’s five wards. Newark is also very cosmopolitan and state-of-the-art with a wide variety of art galleries, performance halls, shopping malls, parks, top schools and world-class sports. The population that works in the city every day is offered mass transit options, parking, exciting dining, nightclub and nightlife scenes and other entertainment. The city is filled with small businesses and across the country more are springing up every day. This is Newark CDEC benefiting the economic class and leading them to success.

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