The left-leaning media has worked tirelessly to convince the world that all African Americans speak with one voice.  We do not.  Among educated blacks, our political viewpoints are as varied as our hues.  Conservative Black Network (CBN) adds one additional voice to the growing cadre of loud and proud black conservatives. 

Never has there been a more urgent need for blacks to wake up and realize that the dire statistics that define black life in America are a direct result of their deaf, dumb and blind allegiance to the Democratic Party. 

As of September 2011, 16.3% of blacks were unemployed.  For black teens, the figure is an astonishing 45.1%.  There are also 42.2  million Americans now living below the poverty line, the highest number in the 52 years that such statistics have been compiled.

Most importantly, our children are living in crisis and dying in unspeakable numbers.  Using 2009 Census Bureau Figures, child-help organization the Casey Foundation, reports that 67% of African-American children live in single-parent homes, with the  figure rising even higher in several individual states (ex: 76% in the President’s home state of Illinois).

The biggest horror is that in May of 2010, the Centers for Disease Control reported that the leading cause of death for all American children and teens aged 12 to19  was “unintentional death” (accidents), with the glaring exception of one group.  Among black male children and teens in that age group, the leading cause of death is HOMICIDE! 

In the 21st century, that murder should be the leading cause of death of any group of American children is an outrage.  At CBN, we are not only appalled by this statistic, we are also appalled by the deadly silence of Obama and other black leaders. 

The allegiance of black elected officials has always been to the Democratic Party at the expense of black constituents.  They have helped enact liberal policies and legislation that has systematically eroded the black family, encouraged violent criminal behavior, and made black children targets in nightly shooting galleries.

Liberalism has encouraged black fathers to irresponsibly abandon their families, leaving sons to be reared on a daily diet of violent hip hop exhorting them to shoot and kill each other for sport.  Black parental irresponsibility is condoned and excused by the liberal left as we are told that welfare and government programs are an adequate substitute for two responsible parents.  The undeniable result of liberal excess is the barbaric generation of young black males who now terrorize our communities.

Black politicians should be  leading the charge to enact the strongest legislation possible to address the gang-driven, drug-fueled shooting sprees that plague our children.  How disgraceful that in AMERICA, sub-human animals are permitted to hold entire neighborhoods hostage. 


It is only by embracing a return to family values and parental responsibility — the cornerstones of the conservative movement — that we can begin to make headway in ending the bloodshed and returning the black family to its formerly respected position in society.

The wanton killings must end and black children must enjoy the right to the same peaceful existence as every other American child, and this must take precedence over the rights of child killers.   Any politician who does not have the safety and protection of black children and the strengthening of the black family as their primary goal is no friend of the black voter, irrespective of that politician’s skin color.

This site’s mission is to publish the conservative viewpoints that we believe will help change (and SAVE) the lives of black children.  If you have been a loyal, lifelong black democrat, yet your children are emotionally scarred from wanton gun violence, then we ask:  How’s your loyalty to the democrats — and to Barack Obama — working for you?

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  1. We have a group of volunteers here in Cleveland – Breaking the Cycle, Inc. – that is focused on a mission of enabling the disenfranchised of Cleveland to return to the workforce. We hit issues such as former incarcerations, veteran unemployment, computer illiteracy, etc. head on. We have found that many in Cleveland are chronically unemployed due to several of these factors simultaneously overlapping in their lives. We are crippling Cleveland, Ohio and America by dismissing this group conveniently to prison, welfare, and merry-go-round social programs that never advance the individual. Please join our group on LInkedin – “Breaking the Cycle, Inc.” – and lend your voices and hands to our efforts as we Educate, Empower, and Encourage individuals to return to Employment or develop Entrepreneurial Enterprises.

    BTW – tBone – you are SO right – a topic we focus on steadily is returning to faith. Is there any true Empowerment to change outside a relationship with Christ?

  2. this is such a sad reality.
    WELFARE –while supposedly created out of altruistic reasons– created fatherless babies, who had fatherless babies who had fatherless babies… and so, Here We Are :(
    —-> and by “We” i mean “America” ;)
    …….the traditional church-going black family now seems like the exception

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