The Campaign to Stop the Slaughter of Black Children (CSSBC)


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While America is beset with many problems, we at CBN believe there are none that rival the mounting toll of black children who are the victims of hand-gun violence. 

In May of 2010, the  Centers for Disease Control  and the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) issued a Data Brief on child death.  They reported that the leading cause of death for American children and teens aged 12 to 19 is unintentional death (accidents).  But the shocking part of the report is that for one segment of the group,  black males 12-19, the #1 cause of death is HOMICIDE!!   

That a 12-year-old black child in 21st century America should face MURDER as his most likely cause of death is an abomination.  One must go to a war-torn, third-world country to find a comparable situation.  Per the Data Brief, the risk of a black male teen being murdered is 15 times that of white male teens.  Why is no one talking about this carnage?  Why are no black elected officials addressing this crisis?

The only thing more outrageous than the wholesale slaughter of black children is the nonchalance of black leaders.  While they run to give slobbering support to white Occupy Wall Street protesters, black politicians from our nation’s president to local city officials remain completely silent about the slaughter of black children.

Formulating Solutions

The approach to solving this CRISIS must be multi-pronged.  First, drastic changes must occur  in black homes.  Sixty-seven percent  of African-American children live in single-parent, fatherless homes, with the numbers in some individual states rising much higher.  In Obama’s home state of Illinois, the figure is 76%, which means that   only 24% of black men in Illinois have a daily, in-home relationship with their children!  With such a glaring absence of fathers, black boys seeking male role models inevitably turn to gang members and violence-spewing, hip hop “entertainers” to fill the void.

Black Male Responsibility:  Black male leaders must pledge to spend as much time as possible leading community  counselling sessions with black males.  Sadly, the numbers prove that the vast majority of black men know how to procreate, but not how to “father.”  It is neither racist nor wrong to insist that black men be held to the same standards of parental responsibility as all other groups of men in our society.  Government welfare offices should not play the role of primary breadwinner for black children.   To be unable to find a job is one thing, but to be unwilling to even look for one is quite another.

Black Female Responsibility:  Black women must also be taught to say NO to sexual relationships with men who have already fathered (and abandoned) multiple children.  Absentee fathers with multiple children by multiple women, or men with recidivist criminal records are not good  “father material.”  Female desperation must be replaced by logical decision-making.  In short, an effort to rebuild the black family — a family that has been nearly destroyed by liberal democratic programs and policies –must begin.   

Gun Confiscation by Responsible Adults:  A final thing that must occur within the home is the confiscation of guns by any responsible adult who is  present in the home.  If it can only happen through gun buy-back programs, then such programs must be encouraged.  If Anti-Violence groups have more viable suggestions, then those groups must be listened to and their advice heeded.  

In addition to the changes that must occur within black homes, the second line of attack must be in the voting booth.  Black voters must demand that black politicians stop ignoring the murders of their children.  The Democratic Party views black voters as mindless, obedient plantation slaves who will dance a happy jig when given meager government handouts, then march to the polls in robotic fashion to pull any lever that reads “Democrat.”   If you value your child’s life, then that mindless behavior must change.

Abandoning the Democratic Party:  A catastrophic problem cannot be solved with one more helping of government cheese.  We are witnessing the daily slaughter of innocent children and this crisis requires a major response.  The strongest message that can be sent is for black voters  to abandon any black politician who refuses to address the issue, beginning with Barack Obama.  The prototype for action should be the Jewish voters in New York’s 9th district.

More to come.

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